Stages of leaf spot disease

Stage 1 (speck/dot)

Yellowish green specks less than 1 mm long.

Stage 2a (early streak)

Specks become 3 to 4 mm x 1 mm long streaks, increase in length and turn yellowish.

Stage 2b (late streak)

Streaks darken to a rusty brown.

Stage 3 (early spot)

Streaks broaden to a spot. They become longer and wider, with indefinite margins, which may be water-soaked in appearance and darken to brown. 


Stage 4 (Brown spot)

Spots have definite dark brown edges, the centre becomes sunken and is sometimes surrounded with a yellow halo. Conidia are produced on the surface. 

Stage 5 (mature spot)

The sunken centre of spots turns grey and is surrounded by a dark brown to black border, sometimes with a yellow halo. Ascospores are produced within the grey central area of the mature spots.