Fruit rotting after harvest


Cause: The fungus Colletotrichum musae. Spores are produced on dead banana material and are spread to young fruit in water droplets. The fungus remains dormant in the tissue until the onset of ripening.

Solution: Handle harvested banana fruit with care to avoid damage. Apply appropriate post-harvest fungicide treatment.


Fungal growth seen on the cut surface of the crown.
Rot extending beyond crown and into fruit.

Crown rot

Cause: Several organisms can be responsible for causing crown rot symptoms. These include Musicillium theobromae, Fusarium equiseti-incarnatum (species complex), Colletotrichum musae and Thielaviopsis musarum. Symptoms can vary from fungal growth ‘fluff’ present on the cut crown surface through to complete breakdown of fruit.

Solution: Application of appropriate post-harvest fungicides will assist in minimising symptoms in the supply chain.

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