Fruit rotting in field


Cause: Insufficient bunch shading during prolonged high temperatures. 

Solution: There is no cure for affected fruit. Maintain good canopy cover and ensure bunch covers are applied properly. It may be necessary to pull a leaf down over the bunch for protection. 


Affected areas are dark and in later stages are covered by ashy grey spores.
Close up of later stage covered by ashy grey spores.

Cigar end

Cause: The fungus Musicillium theobromae (formerly known as Verticillium theobromae). It enters the fruit from the dead floral parts and extends 10 to 20 mm into the fruit. 

Solution: Cigar end is a minor disease and specific control measures are not warranted. 

Bunch ripens prematurely in the field, making the bunch unmarketable.

Mixed ripe

Cause: Various stresses (severe leaf spot, pest damage, water and nutrition) reduce the rate of fruit filling. 

Solution: Improve crop management to limit stresses on the plant.