Plants kink, bend or fall over

Borrowing nematode (plants fall over)

Cause: Burrowing nematode feeding on roots weakens the plant’s root system.

Solution: Check roots over the whole field to determine if nematodes are the problem and if a nematicide treatment is necessary. Propping or tying string between plants may prevent some losses.


Banana weevil borer (plants fall over)

Cause: Tunnelling by larvae of Cosmopolites sordidus in the corm. Sever infestation reduces plant vigour. 

Solution: Use stem baits (traps) to establish the severity of the infestation. If numbers exceed an average of four weevils per trap, treat with appropriate insecticide. Pheromone traps are also available.

More info:

Banana weevil borer – general information

Note the trees in the background have been tied or propped.

Poor tying (plants bend or kink)

Cause: Incorrect bunch and tree support.

Solution: Ensure tying or propping is done correctly.


Heat stress/lack of water (plants bend or kink)

Cause: Extreme heat and or dry conditions.

Solution: Use water scheduling techniques to supply sufficient water to meet the plants’ requirements.